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Rich Russia but people sans health care

April 8, 2012

Russia is a country of strong economy. Its resources and landmass differentiates it from the other nations. Opportunity has no dearth in Russian soil. Base of richest oil reserve, which satiates almost one fourth European gasoline demand, proves its worth and its hefty inflow of foreign currency. Once a strongest challenger of America – Russia is endow with natural and mechanical availability. Based on empowering nation theory, country is sarcastically loosing its sheen, in the mist of corruption and red-tapism. Although, Russia has best possible counter attack against any powerful invasion yet country has failed altogether to provide proper medical facility to its countrymen. No doubt, Russian government has signed an official paper to provide free medical assistance to Russians, but the truth is merely based on false pretensions. Russian medical colleges are considered among the best colleges in the world, to trained best doctors, but Russian medical staff can leave you unattended in the hospital, if you didn’t deposit the hefty money in their bank account. Russian government has announced to spend billions to improve the health care system, but till now everything is obscure on the ground level. In retrospect, we amazed to know that in the soviet era, its medical facility were considered the best among the other leading nations, but after its division corruption sore to its highest level and inundates its glory and uprightness. WHO report shows its dilapidating medical services, as in 2000’s WHO report ranked Russia’s health system 130th out of 191 countries, on a par with such nations as Peru and Honduras. Report pushes Russia among the nations, who experiences shapely decline in the life expectancy in the past 15 years. The average Russian can expect to live only to age 66 – at least a decade less than in most Western democracies, according to a 2005 World Bank report. Russia’s population has dropped sharply in the past 15 years; to below 143 million in what President Vladimir Putin calls “the most acute problem of contemporary Russia.” Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development asserts that Russia spent $441 per capita on health care, however, over the past two years government has doubled its spending on health services to some $7 billion, but that still not accounted enough to tackle the problem. Critics alleged that Russian bureaucracy is hollowed with corruption and there is no use to increase the funds unless the corruption is not dealt firmly. Source

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