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American furor against China

April 20, 2012

The situation is getting increasingly tensed between China and United States. And the reason is nothing but bilateral trade. Yuan’s under-valuation is becoming tough barrier for US exporters. In 2005 China discontinued it Pegging policy of Yuan against US dollar. And opted for Crawling Peg system. Which means Yuan would move within a particular range, fixed beforehand. Currently, against US dollar its daily range is 0.3%. Recent global sell off, witnessed in US dollar have hardly affected bilateral exchange rate between China and USA and that’s the origin of problem. Chinese goods already enjoy price advantage in US market. As a result, bilateral US trade gap is getting widened. Already there is a strongly growing flare in USA in favor of trade sanction against China. As per US manufactures’ organizations Yuan is currently undervalued to the of 25% to 40%. And if this situation persists for longer tenure, not only US producers but also trade balance managers would also feel the blues. Trade groups are pressurizing US authority to lodge complain in WTO accusing the case of illegal export subsidy. They argue, such intentional and persistent devaluation is just another of bypassing WTO regulation and subsidizing exporters indirectly. And being a WTO member China just cannot practice that. Already official delegations from both sides are busy in convincing each other to reach a mutual understanding. Chinese authority already committed to increase Yuan daily trading fluctuation range from currently 0.3% to 0.5%. That will definitely provide US dollar better breathing space in coming days. But US treasury secretory Henry Paulson is trying to find out better optimality, such as, making Yuan more flexible, which is needed to settle current furor among Americans. Image Source